Without Thomson Rogers, I'm not sure what my future would hold. Without the professional and courteous help from the likes of Leonard Kunka, Alex, and Michael, it would be tedious trudging. In 2012, I lost both legs, below the knee, and had all 10 fingers, to the first knuckle, amputated. Pure and utter pain. Without their help, positive reinforcement, and supreme communication skills, my future would be bleak. The road ahead would have been an uphill battle, a real tough climb too, so I'm eternally grateful for the help, and so glad they were on my side. With Thomson Rogers, you see, my future is not daunting at all, it's financially secure. Its so bright, I gotta wear shades. And, I can't thank the entire team enough. Thank-you for everything.

Derrick O.D.

Leonard Kunka and his team of professionals provided our family with help during a tough time from the beginning to end. They provided us with professional advice and legal services along with emotional support. Their lawsuit achieved results that were beyond my expectations. We were very fortunate to have had their support, guidance, and assistance for our case and situation.

Janet G.

Over many years, we received not only outstanding professional support but also emotional understanding from the entire team of Thomson Rogers, especially Mr. Darcy Merkur and Mr. Leonard Kunka. We will always be thankful for the help they gave us during such a difficult time in our lives.

Ihor B.

We want to thank Len Kunka, our excellent lawyer, who did a superb job and skillfully assisted us through each process to finally bring our case to a close recently with very good results. There are not enough words that would describe how appreciative we are. As well we want to thank Mike Holden, our Paralegal, he was so helpful and always being available to us. We would recommend this team to anyone that would require their services.

Allen Baines and Maryan McMaster

I highly recommend Leonard Kunka at Thomson Rogers and his staff. When I originally contacted Thomson Rogers for legal advice regarding my accident, I was put in contact with Mr. Kunka. He was professional, knowledgeable and very personable. He took the time to drive from Toronto to meet my husband and I at our home in Waterloo, Ontario. He clearly articulated our options for my situation.

Throughout the three and a half years following the accident, we dealt with Mr. Kunka and his law clerks. Everyone was attentive and so kind and thorough in any interaction we had with them. Numerous times my husband and I had additional questions and Mr. Kunka always made himself available to speak with us and answered our questions with clarity and he made sure we understood the process and next steps including our different options. His guidance throughout our case was superior and we never felt pressured. He was very patient with each question and every process along the way.

I am extremely pleased with the services of Mr. Kunka and his team at Thomson Rogers. I would not hesitate to recommend him.

Pat and Chris G.


Fere Kamkar is the very definition of courage. When she lost her leg in a motorcycle accident, she and her husband found a prosthetic leg called the X3 that would allow Fere to have the best quality of life possible. But when the insurance company told her she wouldn’t qualify for it, Fere’s husband contacted Thomson Rogers Personal Injury Lawyers. Leonard Kunka, a partner at the firm, fought the insurance company's denial and successfully argued that Fere is entitled to the latest prosthetic technology, which would help her regain as much independence as possible, and allow her to return to her former occupation and all of the activities in life which she previously enjoyed. Fere now has her new X3 prosthetic leg. Not only can she now swim, hike and ski, but she’s also the only amputee driving a bus for the TTC! Truly inspirational!

If you or a loved one has been involved in a serious accident, please contact Leonard Kunka at 416-868-3185 for a free consultation.

Thomson Rogers

I am a previous client of Leonard Kunka who was well cared for by him even after the settlement with my insurance company. If you click on my name Seung Beom Sohn you can read about my serious car accident. After the accident, the neurosurgeon could not explain how I survived after performing a new procedure on my brain injury. He said to me later after discharging me from the hospital that someone is watching over me so be well and live in peace.

I met my lawyer Leonard Kunka in the rehabilitation Institute. I appreciated his warm heart. Since then, he did almost everything to help me get what I deserved. It was a very long battle with the insurance company, almost 15 years. Leonard Kunka submitted my claim expenses to the insurance company on time and never had any rejections. I got my second life from God, and my lawyer Leonard Kunka helped me to start my second life in the right direction. Now, I am living a pleasant life and have everything I need to compensate my disabilities. This is the result of his hard work. If you need help then I highly recommend you contact Leonard Kunka.

Seung Beom Sohn

With the help of a kind social worker from St. Michael’s Hospital and a family friend my wife came in contact with a lawyer named Leonard Kunka. They gave a binder that talked about this law firm and Mr. Kunka. My wife took a leap of faith and decided to choose Mr. Kunka without understanding a word in that folder. My family needed support; they needed advice, a way to move forward. With no knowledge of this city, its services, the people, or the language, my family had found a gift from God.

Mr. Kunka became that much needed support for my family. He treated my family with respect and showed them that he cared. Mr. Kunka visited me in the hospital and listened to my family’s concerns. He stood up for us in every step of the way until we reached a settlement agreement with the insurance company. It took about a decade and Mr. Kunka did not give up. He gave us the courage to continue the fight and helped us turn our lives around so we could have a new beginning.

After coming to Canada, we struggled through a lot of hardship and faced many difficult times. We were blessed with some wonderful people including Mr. Kunka who fought for us and became a friend during these struggles. I will forever be grateful to Mr. Kunka for what he has done for us.

M. Miah is a survivor of a near fatal car accident, read his inspirational story > > >

M. Miah

Honestly, I do not know how I could have gotten through this ordeal if chance had not brought me to great people and great professionals, Mr. Leonard Kunka and Mr. Darcy Merkur from Thomson Rogers. St. Michael's Hospital had given me a list of law firms specializing in personal injury and warned me that they are not allowed to recommend any particular firm and so I randomly chose for myself. As it turns out, I made the best choice possible. During the next eight years that Thomson Rogers was helping us, our family never for an instant doubted that we made the right choice by working with this company.

From the beginning, Thomson Rogers provided many useful services to us as their clients. First, Thomson Rogers fought for our financial rights, successfully working to ensure payments of all our bills by the insurance company as well as representing our interests in legal actions which finished in our favor with two structured annuity settlements.

Second, and perhaps more importantly in our situation, with Thomson Rogers' initiative and their help, a special support group was created for my daughter and the whole family. This group, at the center of which was Knorr & Associates Inc., coordinated the whole rehabilitation process.

Today, almost ten years after the tragedy, my daughter, my son, and I all want to thank the excellent team of professionals at Thomson Rogers for all they have done for us.

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The last three years have been a roller coaster ride and I have met some great people along the way. The staff at Sunnybrook, my awesome support at West Park Rehab Centre, and last Leonard Kunka and Carmen Spano at Thomson Rogers. They were supportive and the staff was amazing, very professional and kind. I never once felt guilty calling with questions.

Fere Humble lost her leg in a motorcycle accident, read her inspirational story: The Rest of My Life

F. Humble

I interviewed several different fine lawyers from several different law firms, but it did not take me more than a few minutes to realize that Len Kunka and his colleague Mike Holden would be those in whom I would put my trust and confidence. From the first day, they treated me with respect and dignity. Their concern for Alan’s health was obvious. Their professionalism, knowledge and expertise were immediately evident. As important as those qualifications are, it was their compassion that struck me. Anybody, almost anybody, can have paper qualifications and experience, though not necessarily to the high standards of the legal team at Thomson Rogers ~ the enormous and most important difference, though, is the human side of Len and Mike. They are fine lawyers and fine people, too.

Dealing with insurance companies is traumatic. In my experience, generally, they do not have a heart. They do not come across as being there for you. First and foremost, if it weren’t for Len and Mike, there is no doubt that in short order I, as Alan’s caregiver, would have fallen apart, which would have had a serious, negative impact on Alan’s recovery. He totally depended on me. Len and Mike were always there for us. Because of the severity of Alan’s physical and mental injuries, it was I on whom the preponderance of legal dealings fell. No matter how often I contacted Len or Mike with comments and questions, they always responded expeditiously and always did their best to relieve my anxieties about Alan’s well-being and the trajectory of his legal case.

Over the years, as Alan’s cognitive abilities improved, he was somewhat more involved in his insurance case; subsequently, he was equally impressed with Len and Mike. It was comforting knowing that of all our concerns about Alan and his possible health outcomes, the pending insurance matters were the purview of Thomson Rogers. They were competently navigating the unknown for Alan (and me). The stress reduction was a huge part in my being able to provide 24 hour care for Alan, for several years. And a huge relief for Alan, whose accident resulted in his being anxious and depressed.

Read Ruth's inspirational story about her husband, Alan, who was in a near-fatal accident as a pedestrian

R. Howard

I hired Len Kunka when my husband was in a near fatal accident. Not only is Len really, REALLY good at his job - excellent, in fact - he is a very fine gentleman. From the moment I hired Len, while my husband was still in a coma in ICU, and throughout the ensuing five years of legal wrangling, I never lost my faith in Len, his paralegal Mike Holden, or their team. Len shepherded us through the labyrinthine legal and insurance worlds, avoiding pit traps and minotaurs at every turn (or slaying the minotaurs when they couldn't be avoided). I could not have made a better choice.

Len and Mike are knowledgeable, compassionate, and approachable. They were always patient and polite, quick to respond to my endless concerns. They gave me as much time with them as I needed, whenever I needed it. Their results in our case, a rather complicated one, speak for themselves. my husband and I feel privileged to have met and "worked with" Len and his team at Thomson Rogers, definitely an exemplary law firm.

Over the past 40 years, I have hired many different lawyers, for many different personal legal matters. I know the difference between poor, good, and superior law firms. Thomson Rogers, as represented by Len Kunka, is an outstanding law firm.

Ruth and Alan

Dear Leonard,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your professional work on my case for over 7 years.

Your honest and humble attitude not only makes you a trusted lawyer, but also an effective negotiator. If someone I know is in a similar situation, I will send them straight to Leonard Kunka.

Thank you and your staff for the hard work on my case.

L. Pelkey

You are the best lawyer in town!! We have appreciated you for all these years.

R. Pavlovic and T. Pavlovic

I would like to tell my story from the perspective of the man who loves the one who was injured. First i want to say that unless you have gone through the experience of seeing a loved one sustain a serious brain injury then it may be difficult to understand what both of us went through and still experience every day.

Louisa was driving back to university in Windsor on a Sunday afternoon when her car slid on an icy patch of roadway and spun around hitting a utility pole. The impact crumpled in the passenger side of her car up to her seat.

I got the phone call from the OPP at our home and rushed to the hospital. She remained in a coma for 3 weeks and although she would look at me from her bed she doesn't remember any part of that time. During that period i was encouraged by hospital staff to give as much thought stimulation to her as possible. I brought in family pictures and let her look at her favourite recipe cards to try to jog her memory.

Her accident occurred on Jan 23rd and she came out of the coma on Valentines Day Feb 14th exactly as some doctors had predicted. I was delighted every time she showed some glimmer of attention and single words until on Feb 14th just as I was about to leave the hospital for home she started to talk to me in earnest. The words were mostly unconnected like gibberish but I was excited and only left for home after she got tired that day. After that landmark day her speech and mobility gradually improved. Finally the day came when she could leave the hospital. We came home and I stayed with her until her mother arrived to care for her while I went back to work.

In January the next year she returned to her studies and graduated with a mechanical engineering degree. She was an honours student before and her grades dropped but she still made it through. After that she went to several job interviews without success and tried one year of nursing training until she decided to stay at home.

Today she lives as normal a life as she can cook and garden in the summer. Because of the severity of her injury she has many characteristics that others would find not normal. She has trouble with balance, is quick to anger and often untrusting of others. As her husband I have gotten used to her little excesses that would not be easy for others to understand.

Through it all she received excellent care and attention from so many involved. The staff at Hamilton General hospital took good care of her and there were excellent people to help her after her release from the hospital.

In the beginning, without knowing who to contact I was advised to contact Thomson Rogers about her case and Leonard Kunka became her lawyer. Not only did he work very hard on her behalf all the way but he guided me to the best rehabilitation team she could have hoped for. The whole team including her physiotherapist, occupational therapist and neuropsych and were excellent both when she was still at home and then in Windsor. Through the whole process we couldn't have gotten a better case manager than in Kim Doogan. She worked tirelessly day after day until her final settlement was achieved.

How often Louisa and I have commented since, about the good fortune we had in getting these people to help her. But as much as these people were so good Leonard Kunka was I feel the best lawyer we could have had. He patiently listened to my concerns about Louisa in many meetings and always had a kind word and encouragement. When the final settlement for her was completed it was evident the long hours and effort he had made for us. For this I will be always grateful.

If my story sounds overly grateful then so be it. What was important to me was to have so many skilful people working so hard on Louisa's behalf. I had never experienced a loved one being injured and changed forever like that and I hope those reading don't in future ever have to experience the same.

M. Pelkey

I would like to extend my sincerest thanks to you, and the entire team for the exemplary services you have provided me. Your services are very commendable and are sincerely appreciated.

Thanks again and all the best.

V. Cayabyab

We want you to know how fortunate we are to have such a fine team representing us.

The accident certainly changed my lifestyle in a hurry! However it was so much easier to deal with knowing that your firm was so involved in looking after our interests.

Thanks again for doing such a fine job and caring so much.

E. Chatten and R. Chatten