Lucy Jackson and her team were persistent, informative, and personable, which are quality things you need when dealing with a case of this nature. Not only that, she was empathetic and caring and patient, she made sure I received the care I needed when dealing with my injuries when I needed it, and what amazed me the most is even in the midst of a worldwide pandemic she did not miss a beat. She helped me secure a financial compensation that I was more than satisfied with, ultimately she was the best thing to come from a terrible situation and I would definitely recommend her services to anyone who is looking for a legal representation of any sorts. 

Akib P.

The level of professionalism, guidance, integrity and support Lucy Jackson provided during a difficult and prolonged recovery was sincerely appreciated...she has our utmost respect and gratitude! 

Sherry C.

My Lawyers; David MacDonald, Stephen Birman and Lucy Jacksonn, along with Senior Law Clerk Christina Chimonides, are an absolute, amazing legal team. My late brother, also a lawyer, was very impressed with them. I am very impressed with their knowledge, professionalism, quick responses, genuine compassion, and no-nonsense attitude in dealing with defendants in my case. I am very happy with the work done so far on my case. I highly recommend this legal team!!