I would like to express my gratitude to Mr. M. Bennett for his expertise in seeing my case to a satisfactory resolution, and also Ms. Clovecko and Ms. Katkouskaya. It was a relief to know that I was represented by such a highly regarded law firm, and I would not hesitate in recommending you to others.

I thank you for your kind well wishes for the future, and I wish the joys of the upcoming season to all of you and all the best in the New Year.


Dear Michael Bennett,

On behalf of the Physical Therapy class of 2010 at the University of Toronto, I would like to thank you for taking the time to present your lecture about Business and Practice Management on September 1, 2009. This content will be very important to us during our clinical placements and subsequent career in Physical Therapy because legal matters play a crucial role in many injuries and accidents. We enjoyed your enthusiasm for the topic and your presentation of the information was interesting and engaging. We appreciate your expertise which helped us grasp the content with ease.

T. Hunter

Dear Mr. Bennett,

On behalf of the Physical Therapy Department and the students we would like to thank you for participating in Unit 5, the Neurological Physical Therapy component of the professional master's curriculum. Your lecture on Business & Resource Management: Legal Issues was extremely interesting and well-received by the students. The students appreciated the presentation, commenting on the relevance of the content, especially as they embark on their journey into clinical practice.

We recognize the time and effort involved in preparing and delivering such lectures and would like to add that your contribution was a valuable part of the learning experience in Unit 5. It is the participation of dedicated and highly skilled professionals from a wide variety of backgrounds that makes the Unit a success.

Thank you again for sharing your expertise.

A. Tang and K. Moody

Today is the seventh anniversary of my accident. I reflect often on a most fortunate recovery, particularly as this time of year must weigh heavily on the driver who caused the event & lost her mother. I am sure my survival was due to the quick action of an off duty policeman & the help he was able to summons. I have no recollection of the jaws of life only a face at my window giving encouragement, the helicopter from highway 89 to Sunnybrook is vague as was the signing of a consent to operate & the ten days hooked up to a lung machine & my many shattered bones. My arrival at the wonderful St. Johns, I suspect, was due in part to the very nice case worker who got me there & also retrieved my jewelry. I would like to have properly thanked them both.

I was well looked after - a nice roommate, excellent care as well as continual support from fellow Anglicans plus many other good friends who visited, setting up bridge games & a fun 75th birthday party. Fortunately, this enabled me to truly accept the things I could not change & get on with the rigor of exercises, mental & physical this still took three months mostly in a wheel chair. My kids laughed that “only their mother would take that long to drive from The Blue Mts. to Toronto”. I had three more months of sleeping in my dining room & being monitored by care givers daily, with lots of physiotherapy. Like most happenings in my life I felt totally responsible for my well being & accepted the challenge, our fine health care system can do just so much.

I am truly grateful for these past seven years particularly as I was able to get back to driving, which is one of my main volunteer functions to-day.

This past May I broke my hip (my 12th fracture) while convening a coffee hour at church, once again I was lucky with immediate surgery, home within the week & managed to enjoy my already planned Holland American trip to The Yukon & Alaska in August.

So thank you for all your efforts on my behalf have not forgotten Barbara & Michael & do appreciate the opportunity you provided to express my gratitude.

Sincere best wishes for 2012 & future success.

E. Ross

I was seriously injured in a pedestrian motor vehicle accident in 2008. I was hospitalized for approximately two months. I had crushed leg, bowel and pelvic and I was in very much pain with bandage changes. Upon my return home I had nursing care every day.

During my trip to Hamilton General I was provided with the name of Thomson Rogers which I contacted. Michael Bennett returned my call and met me at my home. He took my case and what an amazing lawyer he is. Barbara O’Gorman at Thomson Rogers took care of most of my case, and she was a life saver.

I was considered non-catastrophic when Thomson Rogers took over my case. At the end of 2 years, after going to be assessed by the medical experts that Thomson Rogers organized, with my lawyer’s help, I was eventually declared catastrophic.

Barbara O’Gorman arranged for an amazing rehabilitation team to work with me and to ensure that I was getting the best physiotherapy, occupational, case management, medical, psychological, rehabilitation support worker, and attendant care.

Michael Bennett was able to get me an excellent settlement in less than 3 years. Now I own my own home, and, I have structured settlement cheques coming in every month.

I still struggle with pain and bowl problems but I do feel without Thomson Rogers, I would not be where I am today.

They were a ‘godsend’. Thank you, Thomson Rogers and especially Michael Bennett and Barbara O’Gorman.

J. Harner