Dear Darcy Merkur, I would like to thank you for your tenacious work getting this unfortunate case finished, so we are able slowly to go on with life again. Yes indeed, no money would have brought my Son back. But we decided on his behalf to fight for this so tragic loss of my Son, whom we did not want to become just a statistic. I am impressed and thankful with the delicate determined way it was handled. If ever someone would ask me whether I do know a trustworthy Lawyer, I would certainly for 100% suggest your name. I am relieved that all of this is over, and to go on with our lives. Wishing you all the best.

Claire R.

When you are needing a lawyer, there's a good chance you are navigating through many situations you normally would not. My personal experience. Hiring the RIGHT legal team is the most important step you can take to ease the burden of what could very well be a stressful situation. I was fortunate to get Darcy Merkur and his team at Thomson Rogers as my representation. There are scenarios you won't even think of that Darcy and his team are experienced to deal with. I switched from another firm and signed on with Darcy. Trust me, not all legal teams are the same. Sign on with Darcy Merkur at Thomson Rogers and you will have made the best decision for representation! - Grateful client.

Douglas G.

I cannot express the amount of gratitude and gratefulness that I have for having had my case taken on by Thomson Rogers...Mr. David MacDonald, Mr. Matthew Sutton and Marlene Martins were the people that I was mostly dealing with and my experience has been incredible. They truly are the DREAM TEAM and I honestly believe that my case would not have had the result that it did had I went elsewhere. Not only are they extremely talented in their craft, but they care about you and your situation. You aren't just another number to them and they really want you to succeed. I can't thank them enough!

Matthew W.

Darcy Merkur represented me when I was injured from a car accident. Of course, it was an extremely difficult time, but Darcy and his legal team were really caring people. I knew that they would work hard for me and they did. I trusted them and I am grateful to this day that Darcy was the attorney in my defense.

Marja P.

We had a great experience with Carr Hatch. We decided to choose him for our daughters case because he showed compassion and passion towards our cause. Throughout the process he continued to prove himself extremely proficient. We are so glad we got to meet him, would definitely recommend him for anyone who is looking for an amazing lawyer. It is rare to find a lawyer who really believes in you and wants the best for you.

Arzo W.