I got in touch with Deanna Gilbert after three very long years of stress and anxiety from dealing with my previous lawyer. I was involved in an accident which I thought should have been an easy case to resolve. I was a pedestrian crossing the street at a crosswalk and I was hit by a car. I suffered several injuries and my life was altered forever. When I explained my situation to Deanna she happily agreed to take over my case and I immediately felt my stress and anxiety melt away. Hiring her was the best decision I could have ever made. She saved me from several more years of having to deal with my previous lawyer.

The amazing effort and amount of work she put into my case was evident from the start. She knew more about my case during our first meeting than I even knew myself. Her incredible work continued throughout the entire process. I had so many questions and Deanna was there every time. I never felt rushed during our conversations and she took the time to make sure that I really understood everything every step of the way. I never felt like my case was being “put on the back burner” and forgotten about. She always referred me to the best doctors and specialists for my injuries and always made sure all documents and paperwork were completed properly and on time.

Even during a global pandemic I always felt like Deanna had my best interests in mind. I did not have to chase her down for anything, not even once. In fact, she is the one who made sure I stayed on top of everything at all times. When I felt unmotivated and hopeless, Deanna was always there to make sure I stayed on track and did not lose hope.

I used to worry so much about my future after the accident, but now that my case has settled I don't have to worry anymore. Deanna is truly an amazing person and my life is infinitely better thanks to her.

Reza Nayeb-Yazdi

Without Thomson Rogers, I'm not sure what my future would hold. Without the professional and courteous help from the likes of Leonard Kunka, Alex, and Michael, it would be tedious trudging. In 2012, I lost both legs, below the knee, and had all 10 fingers, to the first knuckle, amputated. Pure and utter pain. Without their help, positive reinforcement, and supreme communication skills, my future would be bleak. The road ahead would have been an uphill battle, a real tough climb too, so I'm eternally grateful for the help, and so glad they were on my side. With Thomson Rogers, you see, my future is not daunting at all, it's financially secure. Its so bright, I gotta wear shades. And, I can't thank the entire team enough. Thank-you for everything.

Derrick O.D.

My Lawyers; David MacDonald, Stephen Birman and Lucy Jacksonn, along with Senior Law Clerk Christina Chimonides, are an absolute, amazing legal team. My late brother, also a lawyer, was very impressed with them. I am very impressed with their knowledge, professionalism, quick responses, genuine compassion, and no-nonsense attitude in dealing with defendants in my case. I am very happy with the work done so far on my case. I highly recommend this legal team!!


Stephen Birman was very helpful and professional. He always made himself available to me whenever I needed to ask a question or discuss an issue with him. He was very good at resolving our case in a timely and efficient manner. He explained things very clearly when we didn’t understand and made us feel valued.

Hal G.

When our son was involved in an accident and sustained a catastrophic brain injury, Sloan Mandel handled any issues we had with our accident benefit insurer and our tort case. We can't thank him enough for taking that burden from us and successfully assuring our sons future.

Mary-Louise B.