We hired Stephen Birman at Thomson Rogers to represent our mother, after she suffered a serious accident. We had interviewed personal injury lawyers at various firms before choosing Stephen. One of the things that first impressed us with Thomson Rogers was their focus on the team of medical services partners that they worked with, and would introduce us to, to ensure that our mother received all the care she needed during her recovery. We were not disappointed. The care givers Stephen recommended to us to were all top notch. Stephen himself was very responsive and helpful throughout the entire process of negotiating a settlement with the insurance company. Often I would send an email to him in the evening, not expecting a response until the next day, only to have the answer in my inbox at 10:30 or 11:00 pm that same day! Thomson Rogers and Stephen handled all the legal complexities, and got us to a settlement that we were very satisfied with. I would not hesitate to recommend Stephen and Thomson Rogers to anyone looking for a legal team to handle their injury claims.

Steve B.

I can't speak highly enough about Stacey Stevens and all that she has done for my young family after my motor vehicle accident. Stacey went above and beyond to help me and even came to my home, and if I have to describe Stacey in one word it will be an ANGEL. Stacey had an amazing team that takes care of everything and they truly care about their clients and their well-being. Stacey helped me more than just a car accident and I am very thankful and grateful for Stacey. Accidents can happen to anyone, and dealing with insurance companies can be a nightmare, but Stacey and her team took care of everything, and my situation was as complicated as it gets. But Stacey never quit and worked hard and her main goal was and still is to make sure that I am OK and that is just amazing to see. I would recommend Stacey Stevens to anyone who had been an accident or needs a lawyer NO MATTER what their situation is and know that you will have an ANGEL in your corner that will fight for you and care about you and will never stop fighting for you. From my 3 young boys Zain, Zakaria, Zia and me, from the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU Stacey Stevens and God bless you.

Ziad H.

I would like to thank Thomson Rogers and Stephen Birman and his assistants in particular for the amazing services they have provided to my mom and myself. It took many years until my mom's case was resolved (due to specifics of her case), and during all this time Stephen was very supportive, professional and quick in responding and dealing with the insurance company and other parties. I can definitely recommend this law firm to anyone seeking for legal support. Thank you!

Yulia P.

My experiences with Thompson Rogers has been wonderful. Thanks to Stephen Birman, he has helped me with the entire process! His advice was sound from the beginning and I got exactly what I wanted. Thanks Stephen.

Ebyan H.

Darcy Merkur, I can’t thank you and your staff enough for the hard work in pulling this all together! Thank you for your patience. This situation was really exhausting and hard for me to go through. There were many times that I wanted to just make it all go away and give up!! It’s unbelievable what the insurance companies put people through, I could not have done this without you. It is a blessing that my daughter's friend referred me to you. I thank you again from the bottom of my heart and I will recommend you to anyone out there that is looking for security, trust, and understanding from a lawyer or firm like Thomson Rogers!!! Again, thank you so very much for your time. You should be proud of what you do to help others!!! I’ve been blessed, thank you, thank you, thank you!

Karen B.