Lucy Jackson and her team were persistent, informative, and personable, which are quality things you need when dealing with a case of this nature. Not only that, she was empathetic and caring and patient, she made sure I received the care I needed when dealing with my injuries when I needed it, and what amazed me the most is even in the midst of a worldwide pandemic she did not miss a beat. She helped me secure a financial compensation that I was more than satisfied with, ultimately she was the best thing to come from a terrible situation and I would definitely recommend her services to anyone who is looking for a legal representation of any sorts. 

Akib P.

The level of professionalism, guidance, integrity and support Lucy Jackson provided during a difficult and prolonged recovery was sincerely appreciated...she has our utmost respect and gratitude! 

Sherry C.

Overall I've been thrilled with the way they dealt with my case. Always very upfront and honest, gave me all the possibilities, and never had to wait for them to get back to me. Often Stephen Birman would respond by email or by phone within minutes of me sending an email, and often after hours even when I told him that wasn't necessary. My case was resolved and settled and I couldn't be happier with the results.

Aaron L.

Stephen Birman and Erinna at Thomson Rogers law firm were very professional in handling our case. Stephen and his team provided us their best service and I am very grateful for their help, patience and hard work. Once again, Stephen and Erinna, thank you, you guys are the best, responsible and highly qualified lawyers. I definitely recommend Stephen and his team.

Usman S.

Thomson Rogers, what can I say? LOTS! First and foremost, Thank you, Stephen Birman and Erinna, you two are the very best. I'd also like to thank Stephen's team of many. You always made us feel like we were part of the team. Stephen and Erinna kept us up to date at all stages of this process, also, if we didn't understand something they were happy to explain it. Many times if I called Stephen, he actually would pick up the receptionist, just directly. As for Stephen's assistant, Erinna, I talked to her on a weekly basis. We became friends, she's the best! Thank you, Stephen and Erinna.

Don C.