Stephen Birman and his team are very compassionate and diligent. Informed professionals on your side.

Lisa N.

Overall I've been thrilled with the way they dealt with my case. Always very upfront and honest, gave me all the possibilities, and never had to wait for them to get back to me. Often Stephen Birman would respond by email or by phone within minutes of me sending an email, and often after hours even when I told him that wasn't necessary. My case was resolved and settled and I couldn't be happier with the results.

Aaron L.

Stephen Birman and Erinna at Thomson Rogers law firm were very professional in handling our case. Stephen and his team provided us their best service and I am very grateful for their help, patience and hard work. Once again, Stephen and Erinna, thank you, you guys are the best, responsible and highly qualified lawyers. I definitely recommend Stephen and his team.

Usman S.

Thomson Rogers, what can I say? LOTS! First and foremost, Thank you, Stephen Birman and Erinna, you two are the very best. I'd also like to thank Stephen's team of many. You always made us feel like we were part of the team. Stephen and Erinna kept us up to date at all stages of this process, also, if we didn't understand something they were happy to explain it. Many times if I called Stephen, he actually would pick up the receptionist, just directly. As for Stephen's assistant, Erinna, I talked to her on a weekly basis. We became friends, she's the best! Thank you, Stephen and Erinna.

Don C.

My Lawyers; David MacDonald, Stephen Birman and Lucy Jacksonn, along with Senior Law Clerk Christina Chimonides, are an absolute, amazing legal team. My late brother, also a lawyer, was very impressed with them. I am very impressed with their knowledge, professionalism, quick responses, genuine compassion, and no-nonsense attitude in dealing with defendants in my case. I am very happy with the work done so far on my case. I highly recommend this legal team!!


Stephen Birman was very helpful and professional. He always made himself available to me whenever I needed to ask a question or discuss an issue with him. He was very good at resolving our case in a timely and efficient manner. He explained things very clearly when we didn’t understand and made us feel valued.

Hal G.

My first meeting with Stephen Birman was on Friday May 17, 2013 at the 390 Bay Street offices of Thomson Rogers. Though in pain after a motor car accident, I was wowed by his courteous listening and tone reflected in his responses. His attitude and behaviour turned out to be therapeutic by the way he empathized and solved problems. Throughout our interactions, which went on till October 2016, Stephen was highly professional. He came across - borne out by results he obtained - as very competent, confident, and experienced in handling accident benefit and tort claims. He provided invaluable advice, set the right expectations and delivered beyond the set expectations. Stephen Birman is an excellent communicator. In being so, he allayed my fears, my anxieties and lowered my stress levels. The masterful way in which he orchestrated/coordinated referrals to/with various therapists went a very long way in providing me with the healing I needed. Stephen Birman is a natural, born into his profession. I was lucky to have met Stephen Birman of Thomson Rogers upon whom I cast all my accident benefit and tort claims cares. I could not have had any better!

Jeremiah A.

In April 2014 I was involved in a traffic accident on the Gardiner Expressway in Toronto. I was hit from behind while at a dead stop by another driver travelling at roughly 90 Kms/hour. As a result of the accident I was left with head, neck, shoulder and back injuries. A good friend recommended that I speak with Thomson Rogers and specifically with Stephen Birman one of the Partners of the firm. Stephen took the time to meet with me to discuss the details of my accident and together with a diary that I kept from the day of the accident, he took copious notes of the event and laid out the approach that he would take to represent me. Due to the nature of my injuries, I regularly met with doctors and specialists to address my medical condition over a period of more than 2 years and I met with Stephen on a regular basis to discuss my medical condition and to obtain updates on the status of the work being done by the Firm to as part of the preparation of the Statement of Claim that was being prepared on my behalf. The attention to detail, the communication and the approach used by Stephen was first class and exceeded my expectations. Over a period of more than 2 years, Stephen represented me and my Statement of Claim eventually resulted in mediation taking place in late 2016. Stephen fully briefed me before the mediation and he outlined the process and what I should expect to take place on the day of the mediation. The result, an acceptable settlement was reached in late 2016. If you are looking for a first class firm to represent you in the event you are in an accident, I recommend that you contact Thomson Rogers and Stephen Birman. Many thanks to the firm for representing me during this difficult time in my life.

John W.

When you engage Thomson Roger's you can be assured you are in excellent hands. Special thanks to Stephen M. Birman who handled my case.

Don T.

We were very fortunate to be referred to Stephen Birman at Thomson Rogers 6 years ago. Mr. Birman is professional, responsive and a man of his words. He worked on our case tirelessly over 5 years and was our champion to ensure an equitable outcome. We appreciate the excellent service he and and his associates at Thomson Rogers provided.

P. Chew

Can't speak highly enough of our experience working with the team at Thomson Rogers. Going through a crisis, to have lawyers who genuinely cared about our well-being, the team worked tirelessly on our behalf. The result was a successful settlement. I would highly recommend Thomson Rogers to anyone requiring personal injury services in the future (and in particular our lead Stephen Birman).

Mark C.

Stephen Birman went beyond the call of duty in assisting my relative who suffered a traumatic head injury due to an accident. In less than a year, Stephen successfully negotiated an excellent settlement for him and ensured that he received the best of care and equipment from the very first month. He was extremely knowledgeable and well-connected to community and treatment resources. Therefore, my relative was expertly assessed and treated throughout his recovery. Stephen also guided us to excellent financial guidance for the settlement funds. I do not think anyone else could have done a better job for us than Stephen did.

Louise A.

I was injured in a car accident that left me in need of a lot of rehabilitation. Stephen Birman was instrumental in ensuring I received funding for medical treatments. He also made invaluable recommendations for a supportive allied health team around me, which he helped to coordinate. During the whole process, I felt very supported. Stephen Birman is very personable and professional and his level of expertise is evident. I'm so glad to have had him on my case and I can't thank him and his team enough for the resolution and closure that I received.

Marissa D.

Thomson Rogers handled my experience with genuine care. Stephen Birman and his team were clear and concise with me every step of the way. They ensured that communication was always timely and always responded to any concern or question that I may have had with my personal injury case. Thank you Stephen Birman.

Dimitra H.

My husband obtained Stephen Birman at Thompson Rogers for me. I suffered a very serious accident with multiple fractures. Stephen visited me at Sunnybrook hospital in 2017. I was very impressed with the focus of the medical team he put in place for me. The care that I received during my treatment and recovery was incredible. Stephen was also very responsive and supportive to my emails and with my insurance company handling and negotiating my settlement with them. He kept me informed of everything. Day, night, weekends it didn’t matter. Thompson Rogers and Stephen handled my case with priority. Even his legal assistants kept me in the loop when Stephen was busy. I was very impressed with the settlement I received and very satisfied. I would highly recommend Stephen and Thompson Rogers to handle their personal injury claims. Thank you Stephen and Thompson Rogers.

Denise KL

We hired Stephen Birman at Thomson Rogers to represent our mother, after she suffered a serious accident. We had interviewed personal injury lawyers at various firms before choosing Stephen. One of the things that first impressed us with Thomson Rogers was their focus on the team of medical services partners that they worked with, and would introduce us to, to ensure that our mother received all the care she needed during her recovery. We were not disappointed. The care givers Stephen recommended to us to were all top notch. Stephen himself was very responsive and helpful throughout the entire process of negotiating a settlement with the insurance company. Often I would send an email to him in the evening, not expecting a response until the next day, only to have the answer in my inbox at 10:30 or 11:00 pm that same day! Thomson Rogers and Stephen handled all the legal complexities, and got us to a settlement that we were very satisfied with. I would not hesitate to recommend Stephen and Thomson Rogers to anyone looking for a legal team to handle their injury claims.

Steve B.

I would like to thank Thomson Rogers and Stephen Birman and his assistants in particular for the amazing services they have provided to my mom and myself. It took many years until my mom's case was resolved (due to specifics of her case), and during all this time Stephen was very supportive, professional and quick in responding and dealing with the insurance company and other parties. I can definitely recommend this law firm to anyone seeking for legal support. Thank you!

Yulia P.

My experiences with Thompson Rogers has been wonderful. Thanks to Stephen Birman, he has helped me with the entire process! His advice was sound from the beginning and I got exactly what I wanted. Thanks Stephen.

Ebyan H.

I sympathise with all the people involved in accidents and who unfortunately are left with consequences for life as a result. An unfortunate accident not only changed my life but also that of my family. Initially, I retained a different law firm to represent me where I was left alone to worry about my physical and psychological recovery to deal with the unfair treatment of the auto insurance, Allstate. During this time, I found and retained Mr. Stephen Birman who is a lawyer at the law firm of Thomson Rogers. He provided great support and companionship during this difficult process. I know that nothing can compensate for losing ones' health, but it is absolutely necessary to rely on good legal support. I thank Mr. Birman for his commitment to my case, for being understanding and very professional during a difficult process. I am grateful for all his efforts. I am happy to give my testimony and recommendation for Mr. Birman and Thomson Rogers. GOD BLESS YOU!!!

Alejandro O.

The most PROFESSIONAL & CARING law firm. Stephen Birman will go to the end of the Earth to help his clients out. Very thorough and attentive in his work. Never have I seen a lawyer/firm show so much compassion and conduct business in a way that makes their clients feel like they are truly looking out for their best interests. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Ramze T.

I was on my way to work at 7:00 am, when suddenly I was t-boned on the highway. Instantly, I lost feeling in my feet. I was taken to a trauma center and had suffered multiple low-back spinal fractures, causing a disc impingement. Through a referral of a friend, we reached out to Stephen Birman at Thompson Rogers. Stephen and his team of experts supported my need for physical and occupational rehabilitation, and counsel during the course of my recovery. They navigated the extremely rough waters encountered with insurance filings, correspondence and income loss, which was indeed a true gift! However, I did not begin to understand the magnitude of finding Thomson Rogers until I found myself not improving from the fractures. I was not getting stronger, my balance and gait was bad, and I had new and worsening pain, numbness and tingling, and my extremities were being affected. The symptoms felt familiar, as I had already been paralyzed once before in my teens with a rare disease called Guillain Barre Syndrome. I had fully recovered from GBS, but after more than 35 years, that disease had now returned in a different form. Stephen and his team were there, throughout the process and diagnosis. They work with professionalism and dedication to my case, to the assurance of a positive long term outcome for me and my family. Thank you Stephen for your assistance, it truly meant the world.

Jill W.

In 2014, my family experienced a very traumatic and unfortunate set of circumstances; two of my children were involved in a serious auto collision, which caused critical injuries. This was nothing we could have ever anticipated or prepared for. We are so lucky to have found Stephen Birman. Attaining his representation was the best decision I made. He and his team controlled our file with the utmost professionalism and care. He dedicated himself to us and assigned us a very experienced support worker who was always on top of appointments and treatment plans. These visits resulted in a full turn around for my son and improvement of his critical injuries. This process took years, but this team continued to support us with all of their efforts and resources. The results were an amazing and true reflection of their hard work over the course of our file. In the most difficult and vulnerable time in our lives, Stephen Birman was there to guide me and provide his expertise to ensure we ended up with a full recovery and astonishing results, which were nothing less than fair. I will continue to be grateful for the work this team conducted and highly recommend their services to anyone who may find themselves in similar tragic circumstances.

A. Bugulova

We would like to thank Stephen Birman for his support & guidance through our difficult, post-accident experience. Being injured in a motor vehicle accident abroad, we needed an experienced advocate to deal with foreign insurers, multi-jurisdictional claims & co-ordinate multiple doctors & specialist consultants.

Stephen worked with us to ensure we had access to the right group of professionals & kept us informed of our legal options throughout the process. With his assistance, we were able to recover & reach a settlement that we were happy with.

While we hope others do not find themselves in a situation where they require Stephen’s assistance, they would be well served to have him on their side.

M. & J. McNally of Oakville, Ontario

When I was injured in a very serious and traumatic accident, Stephen Birman helped me make sure I would get the compensation I needed. I am grateful for his professionalism and dedication to aid and guide me through the entire litigation process.

Although I was anxious for my future, Mr. Birman and his whole team truly supported me during our time together. I always had an open line of communication with the team and him, with continuous updates on my case. No matter what the question was, the firm would answer it sincerely. Consultants hired by Mr. Birman gave me various recommendations to improve my health and recovery. I was put at ease knowing my case was in such capable and caring hands. With my stress levels down I was able to focus more on my health. In the end, my case was wrapped up relatively quickly with a fair settlement.

Overall, I thank Stephen Birman and his team, and would highly recommend Thomson Rogers Law Firm.

Minh N.

If by reading this it helps you choose David MacDonald and Stephen Birman of Thomson Rogers as your lawyers then I have done you a favour. I was first recommended to Thomson Rogers by my sister in law after my car accident. She had a friend that had a good experience with Thomson Rogers so I contacted them. They came out to my home to talk to me, do you believe that? My lawyers were more concerned with my well being and how they could help me by setting up a recovery team than talking about money or deposits for legal services. I met some wonderful people on my recovery team. People who truly cared about me and how they could best help rehabilitate me. I believe that if you are injured and need help you could not make a better choice for yourself then choosing Thomson Rogers as your law firm, they have the contacts and the people in place to help you.

Doug P.

I was injured in a car accident that left me in need of a lot of rehabilitation. Stephen Birman was instrumental in ensuring I received funding for medical treatments. He also made invaluable recommendations for a supportive allied health team around me, which he helped to coordinate. During the whole process, I felt very supported. Stephen Birman is very personable and professional and his level of expertise is evident. I'm so glad to have had him on my case and I can't thank him and his team enough for the resolution and closure that I received.

Marissa D.

I suffered a devastating personal injury and had exhausted every avenue possible in attempting to receive any compensation from the company responsible for it. I was literally at my wit’s end and that’s when I found Thomson Rogers and more specifically I found Stephen Birman.

From our initial meeting, his personal demeanour and professionalism were instantly calming. He was also able to concisely give me the facts and options available to me with a firm guarantee that should I choose, he would do everything possible to fight for my rights and ensure that I acquired just and fair indemnity for my personal suffering and loss.

I placed my full trust in him to aid and guide me through the entire litigation process. It was the best decision I have ever made.

His capacity in obtaining competent opinions from surgeons, forensic experts as well as numerous other evidentiary sources was a fine example of his skill and qualification. On a personal level, having him by my side during the face to face meetings gave me a greater confidence by watching his negotiation and arbitration experience and dexterity.

Ultimately, it was his proficiency and expertise that manoeuvred us through a very complicated campaign. It was with his support that I was finally able to obtain equitable reparation and validation for my pain and bereavement.

It is my hope for anyone in a similar situation that they too may have the privilege of having Stephen Birman and Thomson Rogers represent them.


M. Sharpe

After two other law firms said that my elderly cousin did not have a case after a terrible injury, I was referred to Thomson Rogers. Stephen Birman took the case and got us immediate funds to use for therapy. He also was of great assistance in recommending all the right support people and putting the legal case together.

Moreover, he did this with great knowledge and great compassion.

He was a fabulous and timely communicator. He got great results in less than 15 months, Stephen negotiated a very fair settlement for my cousin whose ongoing therapy needs and quality of life are now assured for the rest of his life.

Many, many thanks to Stephen and the firm.

L. Arruda


I can't thank you enough for everything you have done to help me out over the past couple of years. I am very grateful to you and your entire staff at Thomson Rogers in getting my case resolved. You helped me out tremendously and it is nice being able to move forward in my life. I really appreciate that you always provided updates for me, answered all my questions in a professional manner, and most importantly, fought on my behalf when it felt like everyone was ganging up on me.

Thanks again, I wish you all the best in the future!

A. Heighington
This was an incident where client was injured by a falling part (drive shaft) from a commercial tractor/trailer which struck his car on a major highway. He suffered a severe wrist injury while trying to maintain control of the steering wheel after the vehicle was struck by the drive shaft.

Commercial tractor/trailer owners and operators have an obligation at law to maintain the tractor/trailer to a reasonable standard of care. This includes daily inspection and regular maintenance check-ups.

If you are injured because of the negligence of a truck driver or operator, please contact us.

We were very pleased with the timeliness and efficiency of the handling of our case by personal injury lawyer Stephen Birman of Thomson Rogers. Our numerous questions were always answered in a prompt, accurate and considered manner. Paralegal services by Robert Marlow were excellent and inspired great confidence in the assiduous management of our affairs. The excellent professional advice and guidance we received from our Thomson Rogers team lead to an expeditious and agreeable settlement.

Timothy & Caroline L.
Bicycle SUV collision - May 21, 2015

Dear Stephen and Michele,

Thank you for your help in resolving our claim.

You were there for us knowing just what to do and we couldn't have managed without you.

HP and EP


I am not very good with words, so I will keep it short. I just want to say that I am deeply grateful for you and Thomson Rogers for taking my case and helping me thoroughly. I am very glad that I met you and had you as my lawyer. I highly doubt the result would have been this satisfying if it wasn't for you.


I wanted to write you a note and tell you how grateful my family is for your services.

On behalf of my family we just really want to say a huge Thank you to you for everything that you have done for us. You may see my Uncle’s case as minimal work but it was so much more than that for us. I hope that you realize that you are a huge part in the healing process for many survivors. Your kindness, understanding and patience and many other qualities is what makes it easy for the survivors to be able to open up to you. Some may say that you have a gift at what you do and maybe that’s just who you are as a person, but in any manner it’s what makes this process special.

Again, Thank You, Stephen. I can almost say with certainty that we will never forget you and what you’ve done for us.

Yours truly,

Allison B. & Family

Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate what you did. Words cannot express the deep appreciation for the work you have done, you are the best and God bless.

Peter and Nimfa

Dear Stephen,

Thank you for your help and assistance in resolving my case!

You were super fast and always on top of everything!

Wishing you further success!

Happy Holidays!

Best Regards,

Ksenia O.

My late husband John was involved in the class action against the makers of Permax. I wanted to let you know that I received the settlement cheque today and am very grateful for everything that you did to make this happen. I just wish that my husband could have lived to see this. He was very happy when Stephen talked to him just before he died to let him know that the money would be forthcoming.Stephen was very kind to us, and I would like to thank him as well for everything that he did for us. It was a pleasure working with him, Darcy and all those at Thomson Rogers.


Dear Stephan Birman,

Congratulations and thank you very much for a job well done. I'm very grateful to you and your staff. I'll pray for you and your health.

Thank you so much and god bless you.


Dear Stephen Birman,

A mere Thank You seems so inadequate after the countless hours you and your staff have spent ensuring someone such as myself got a fair shake.

For this I will be forever grateful.

Thank you so very much.

Mona T.

Dear Stephen,

Just want to say again, how grateful I am for the work you did in pursuing my claim for my accident this May.

Thomson and Rogers came highly recommended but I didn't expect the level of service I received.

I truly felt like you took a personal interest in my case and were always courteous, thorough and attentive. I always received an immediate response to all my queries. I also appreciated that you took the time to explain each step in the process to me.

Most of all I am impressed with the amount I was awarded, which speaks to your ability as a negotiator.

I would highly recommend your firm to anyone.

With much gratitude,

Barbara B.

Having had the misfortune of suffering personal injuries for reasons beyond my control on two separate occasions over the last few years, I had the good fortune of retaining the law firm Thomson Rogers to look after my interests.

The gentlemen who handled my cases, Mr. Darcy Merkur in the first instance, Mr. Stephen Birman in the second, were exemplary in their support and professionalism, and obtained results beyond my expectations. I could not have been in better hands!

H.H. Bremer, PhD

Dear Stephen Birman,

Thank you for your help with my claim settlement. It was much appreciated.

You were good to deal with and kept me well informed.

I highly recommend you to future clients.

Irene M.

Dear Mr.Birman and Colleagues,

I really don`t know how to thank you for all your hard work and all the challenges you had in order to resolve this claim.

ALL I KNOW IS, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for hanging in there with me for the past 10 years. It has been a long, long road for me and many, many hardships, but I always had faith in you and your law firm.

Thanks to you and your firm, I can close this awful chapter in my life and move on. My children and siblings thank you as well. If my brother-in-law Chief Justice Donald Krueger of Saskatchewan was still alive( deceased May 2007) he would say, Well Done.

I have requested a copy of my file only for my benefit, I do not want to appeal or anything. I just want the so needed Validation of the terrible effects this drug had on my life and my dignity.

Once again, thank you. I will be forever grateful. (As it will be my 70th birthday on May 14,2015, I could not have asked for a better present.)

Marlene K.