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Sloan Mandel was called to the Ontario Bar in 1996 and is certified by the LSUC as a specialist in Civil Litigation. He is a partner at the law firm Thomson, Rogers. He attended Cornell University, and graduated from Osgoode Hall Law School in 1994. His practice focuses exclusively on personal injury and medical malpractice litigation on behalf of plaintiffs. Sloan is one of only 14 plaintiff side personal injury lawyers in the province to have been concurrently listed in Lexpert and Best Lawyers in Canada; secured specialist certification from the LSUC; and is a member of a firm identified as a Top Ten litigation boutique by Canada Lawyer Magazine.

Sloan has been published extensively in both medical and legal texts and journals. He is a past member of the Ontario Bar Association Health Law Executive and regularly lectures doctors, lawyers and health care professionals at a variety of educational seminars.

Sloan has a wealth of court and litigation experience, achieving some of Ontario’s largest personal injury and medical malpractice awards.

“If a trial is necessary, then so be it. I prepare for war to make the best peace”.

Sloan and his wife Wendy, (also a top-notch litigator and partner at Thomson, Rogers) parent three amazing kids. Sloan also has (or used to have) a world-class “slap shot”.


  • Attended Cornell University
  • Bachelor of Laws, Osgoode Hall Law School (1994)

Notable Trial Decisions

Godknows Itamunoala, et al v. Karen L. Peirce, et al 

The trial took place before The Honourable Mr. Justice Jennings over the period of two weeks and one day in December 2004. The Plaintiffs succeeded in establishing negligence against four Defendant Doctors.

The Plaintiff, Mr. Godknows Itamunoala, alleged that the Defendant Doctors failed to diagnose an underlying brain aneurysm. As a consequence of that failure, Mr. Itamunoala was required to seek emergency medical attention during a visit to the United States. Mr. Itamunoala, an Ontario resident , was put to a significant expense for the excellent care that the received from the U.S. hospital and its medical personnel, for which he did not receive reimbursement through the Ontario Hospital Insurance Plan (“OHIP”).

Within the endorsement of The Honourable Mr. Justice Jennings, His Honour stated:

The plaintiff’s case was commendably prepared and expeditiously and competently presented. 

Medical malpractice cases are inherently complex and risky. They require a level of experience and skill, which counsel clearly met in this case.


Alfred Newman, et al v. William G. Swales

The trial took place before The Honourable Madam Justice J. Lack over the period of seven days in October 2001.

The Plaintiffs alleged that Dr. Swales’ management of Mrs. Newman on May 7, 1993, and afterwards failed to meet the standard of care reasonably expected of a general practitioner in a small Ontario town at the time. He failed to consider colon cancer or a precursor to colon cancer as a potential explanation for Mrs. Newman’s May 7, 1993 symptoms.

The Plaintiffs succeeded in establishing negligence against Dr. Swales. Damages were assessed and awarded.


Gail Taylor, et al v. Robert Morrison

On July 8, 1998, Elwin Taylor died in the Emergency Department of the Peterborough Civic Hospital as a result of a heart attack. He was just short of reaching 58 years of age. A post-mortem examination revealed that Mr. Taylor had severe coronary artery disease (CAD).

The trial took place before The Honourable Mr. Justice H. Spiegel over the period of three weeks in February and March 2006. The Plaintiffs succeeded in establishing negligence against the Defendant Doctor.

Within the endorsement of The Honourable Mr. Justice H. Spiegel, His Honour stated:

… the evidence regarding life expectancy was very complex and required considerable skill to properly present.

While it is true that Mr. Mandel had just achieved 10 years seniority at the bar at the commencement of trial, he conducted the trial with a degree of skill and expertise which far exceeded his level of seniority.


Brenda Rene Murray, et al v. Her Majesty The Queen

On November 24, 1989, 17-year-old Brenda Rene Murray was driving to school in her mother’s car. The road was snow covered with slushy and icy sections. Brenda lost control of her car, slid into the oncoming lane, and ran head-on into a pickup truck. Tragically, she was rendered quadriplegic.

A claim was brought against the Ministry of Transportation (“MTO”) for its failure to appropriately sand and salt the roadway.

Mr. Justice Jenkins found that the MTO was 70% at fault for the crash and the defendant appealed.

The Court of Appeal upheld the trial judge’s ruling and Brenda was awarded significant damages.

Mr. Mandel represented Brenda and her family both at trial and on Appeal.

Professional Accreditations and Affiliations

  • Certified Specialist (Civil Litigation)
  • 2016 LEXPERT Ranked Lawyer
  • 2017 Listed in Best Lawyers Canada
  • Member of numerous legal societies and associations

Additional Information

*Sloan Mandel Law Professional Corporation

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  • Settlement for Severely Injured Teenager

    On March 11, 2005, Kalika Webb, who then had just turned 17, was a backseat passenger in a car whose driver failed to negotiate a left-hand curve in the roadway resulting in a crash that caused her catastrophic injuries. Her most significant injuries were profound and permanent cognitive impairment and a number of spinal fractures.  Some of Kalika’s other injuries included a basal skull fracture, brain swelling, partial hearing loss, bilateral hemiplegia, impaired vision, trauma to her internal organs, a fractured pelvis, lung damage and profound speech impairment.  Naturally, Kalika’s life and that of her entire family was profoundly changed by this crash.  Sloan Mandel, a partner at Thomson, Rogers was honoured to be given the chance to seek compensation for the Webb family.

    The settlement was net of a potential seatbelt defence and net of significant past and future collateral benefit entitlements.

    It is believed that the result achieved is one of the largest payouts to a victim of an Ontario car accident.  Effective demonstrative evidence was presented at mediation, including a well prepared day-in-the-life video.  To see a small portion of the video, please click here.

    Kalika has gone on to make a remarkable recovery.  She recently graduated from high school, with assistance.

    We are very thankful for the opportunity we had to meet Kalika and her family and to help them secure compensation.  The courage demonstrated by Kalika and her family was truly remarkable and can best be described as “inspirational”.

    Sloan Mandel, litigation lawyer for the Webb Family

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    August 10, 2016

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    December 11, 2015

    Recently, lawyers representing all three of the PIA Law firms worked alongside LexisNexis Canada to help create the Lexis Practice Advisor’s Personal Injury (Ontario) module. The module was designed as a comprehensive guide on how to prepare a personal injury case. Lawyers from across Canada will now have an opportunity to access documents prepared for … Continued
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    Published annually by Best Lawyers®, The Best Lawyers in Canada is one of the country’s most highly regarded legal directories. Inclusion is based on an exhaustive peer-review survey and a thorough authentication process. We are proud to announce that the following 14 lawyers from Thomson, Rogers were selected for inclusion in the 10th Edition of The … Continued
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    We are proud to have 14 of our lawyers selected as leading practitioners in their field.

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  • Lower auto insurance premiums could hurt more than they help, lawyer says

    CTV News | by Amy Legate-Wolfe, (quoting Sloan Mandel)|May 12, 2015

    Critics of Ontario’s proposed changes to auto insurance say lower rates may not necessarily mean more money in your pocket. According to the Personal Injury Alliance (PIA Law), the changes outlined in the provincial budget would shift the financial burden of accident-relate health-care costs from insurance companies to the taxpayers. The PIA said the new … Continued
  • Crash victims slam auto insurance rule changes | May 7, 2015

    Sloan Mandel, a partner at Thomson, Rogers, along with members of the Personal Injury Alliance (PIA Law), sisters Shannon and Erica Deering and other accident victims were at Queen’s Park yesterday protesting against Insurance rule changes. Specifically, the government’s proposal to slash the maximum amount a person can claim for a catastrophic injury from $2 million … Continued
  • Sloan Mandel on Global News

    Global News | May 7, 2015

    Sloan Mandel comments on the Ontario Government’s proposed cap of $1 million for catastrophic accidents victims.

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  • Sloan Mandel on air interview on MOOSE FM Halibuton discussing the topic of water safety

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  • Catastrophic Impairment: A Look into the Future

    As a member of the Personal Injury Alliance, Thomson Rogers is pleased to be part of a one day Practical Strategies conference for health care providers. The conference will take place on Thursday, June 13th at The Carlu in Toronto. TR Personal Injury lawyers Sloan Mandel and Wendy Moore Mandel will be speaking at the … Continued
  • Doctors’ association accused of using aggressive ‘scorched earth’ approach to defending malpractice suits

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  • Personal Journey to Independence – The Tina Manousos Story

    Back to School Conference | September 2012

    Presented by Sloan Mandel, partner at Thomson, Rogers and his past client Tina Manousos. After Tina Manousos was seriously injured in an accident, she was told she would probably never walk again. In this presentation, Tina shares her story of her struggles in day to day life, how the accident changed her life and how … Continued
  • The Battle for the Personal Injury Dollar

    Canadian Lawyer Magazine | November 2012

  • Catastrophic Impairment – A Patient’s Perspective

    On March 11, 2005, Kalika Webb, then 17, suffered catastrophic impairment as a consequence of a car crash. Personal injury lawyer Sloan Mandel of Thomson, Rogers had the honour and privilege of representing her. Many people have opined that Kalika’s impairments were insurmountable. Over the past six years, having had the opportunity to represent Kalika … Continued
  • Settlement for Severely Injured Teenager

    January 8, 2010

    On March 11, 2005 17 year old Kalika Webb was a back-seat passenger in a car whose driver failed to negotiate a left-hand curve in the roadway resulting in a crash that caused catastrophic injuries to her. Sloan Mandel, personal injury lawyer and partner at Thomson, Rogers was honoured to be given the chance to … Continued
  • Major Accident Benefits Changes Come into Effect on June 1st, 2016

    Accident Benefits Summary Charts (for accident on or after June 1, 2016)

    To help those in Ontario understand the major automobile insurance changes and the new reduced accident benefits limits, Thomson, Rogers has prepared two useful accident benefits summary charts. The first chart: Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule Summary (for accidents on or after June 1, 2016) highlights the accident benefits available for each of the three categories of … Continued
  • The New Catastrophic Definition: Paraplegia, Tetraplegia, and Severe Ambulatory Impairment

    The Oatley McLeish Guide to Motor Vehicle Litigation | April 1, 2016

    Effective June 1, 2016, the definition of catastrophic impairment (“CAT”) will change, pursuant to section 3.1(1) of Ontario Regulation 251/15 made under the Insurance Act.  This paper will focus upon the first two subsections of the new CAT definition: (some forms of) paraplegia or tetraplegia [s. 3.1(1)(1)]; and (some forms of) severe impairment of ambulatory … Continued
  • Litigating the Claim in Tort: Plaintiff’s and Defence Perspectives

    presented at the Osgoode Professional Development Program - The Intensive Short Course on Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain Claims: The Science, the Law, the Strategies

  • The “PIA Back to School Conference”

    Four Seasons Hotel Toronto | September 10, 2015

  • The Tort Case: Thinking Strategically from Start to Finish

    OTLA - New Lawyers Division Conference| September 25, 2015

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  • 5 Tips to Being a Great Expert Witness

    Personal Injury Alliance (PIA) conference "Practical Strategies for Experts: The Shifting Landscape" | October 23, 2014

    The importance of expert testimony in the successful prosecution of a personal injury case cannot be understated; however, the role of the expert is not to be a soldier for one party or the other. The role of the expert is to provide a fair, objective, and non-partisan opinion to assist the Court. The “battle”, if any, is … Continued
  • Advancing Pecuniary & Non-Pecuniary Claims Under the Family Law Act

    Presented at the Oatley McLeish Guide to Motor Vehicle Litigation Seminar | March 26, 2014

    When a victim has been injured, the Family Law Act entitles certain family members to claim damages of their own. Sections 61 to 63 of the FLA are the key provisions. In some cases, FLA claims can be significant. This paper will provide an overview of some “main considerations” when advancing FLA claims; focus on … Continued
  • Everything you need to know about Catastrophic Impairment/New Definitions

    presented at the Personal Injury Alliance "Catastrophic Impairment: A Look into the Future" conference | by Dr. Harold Becker and Sloan Mandel | June 13, 2013

  • Client Management – Panel Discussion

    Presented at the Osgoode Certificate in Personal Injury Law & Practice

  • Managing Subrogated Claims in Personal Injury Actions and Subrogation Checklist

    Written for the Osgoode Certificate in Personal Injury Law & Practice | April 2013

    Black’s Law Dictionary defines subrogation as: “The substitution of one party for another whose debt the party pays, entitling the paying party to rights, remedies, or securities that would otherwise belong to the debtor.”1 In simpler terms, it is the right to reimbursement. In the context of a personal injury case, subrogation is the process … Continued
  • TORT DAMAGES – The Claims That You Never Knew You Had (and Those You Don’t)

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  • Setting the Stage: Litigating Obstetric Claims, Litigation Session: Live Demonstrations – Examination for Discovery of a Defendant Physician and Cross-Examination of an Expert Witness

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  • Conducting a Discovery and Implications for Trial – Panel Discussion & Demonstration and Commentary: Opening and Closing the Discovery

    The Advocates' Society

  • The Pitfalls of Medical Record Charting

    presented at St. John's Rehabilitation Hospital | October 10, 2012

    Each hospital develops its own standard of charting practice, usually by taking into account the requirements set by the associations which govern health care professionals in that community. A major tension which develops is the apparent need to “document everything” in order to protect against lawsuits, and the fact that such documentation can be used by a skilled lawyer to … Continued
  • Personal Journey to Independence – The Tina Manousos Story

    presented at the Back to School with Thomson, Rogers and Spinal Cord Injury Ontario - Managing Your Injury to Independence Conference

  • How the Treatment, Care and Reports You Provide to Your Patients is Presented and Challenged When the Case Goes to a Trial

    presented at St. John's Rehab Hosptia

  • Catastrophic Impairment – A Patient’s Perspective

    Presented at the Back to School Conference with Thomson, Rogers - Catastrophic Brain Impairment: Children, Young Adults and their Families (Rehabilitation Strategies)

    Kalika provides an insight on her journey with a catastrophic impairment.

    View PDF of presentation.
    View PDF of Kalika Webb’s presentation.
    View PDF of Marita Webb’s presentation.

  • How Ontario’s New Automobile Legislation is Impacting Your Patients and Their Treatment

    presented at Hôtel-Dieu Grace Hospital

  • Incurred Expenses – A New Challenge For Accident Victims

    Presented at the Back to School Conference with Thomson, Rogers and Toronto ABI Network | September 30, 2010

    On September 1, 2010, the interpretation of “incurred expense” changed and created new challenges for the families of innocent accident victims.

    View PDF of presentation.

  • The Court’s Approach to Evaluating Future Care

    Presented at the Canadian Defence Lawyers General Meeting - June 3 - 4, 2010.

    The paper briefly summarizes some of the relevant authorities that address the Court’s mandate and/or approach to past and future care (from a Plaintiff’s perspective).

    Paper: The Court’s Approach to Evaluating Future Care