Practice Highlights

Stephen’s practice is centred on municipal, planning, environmental and expropriation law. He regularly appears before municipal councils, tribunals (such as the Ontario Municipal Board and the Environmental Review Tribunal) and Courts on behalf of municipalities, public agencies and institutions, land developers and ratepayers’ associations. His portfolio includes a wide  range of matters including Federal and Provincial environmental assessments, approvals related to landfills, telecommunication structures, Municipal and wide  area fiber optic and wireless networks (MAN’s  and WAN’s), permissions for electric generating facilities, real estate  development, compensation for land expropriations, conflict of interest, and related litigation.


  • Juris Doctor, Osgoode Hall Law School

Professional Accreditations and Affiliations

  • The Canadian Bar Association – Municipal and Environmental Law Sections
  • Public Affairs Association of Canada
  • Ontario Expropriation Association

Additional Information

In addition to his legal training, Stephen also acted as an assistant to Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau from 1978-80 and as a consultant to Premier David R. Peterson of Ontario.

*Stephen Joseph D’Agostino Law Professional Corporation

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