ABR Updater: America The Beautiful – Auto Insurance for Ontarians

Posted August 18, 2017
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Instead of staying put all year in the great white north I, like many Ontarians, regularly visit the beautiful American cities of Buffalo and Detroit. Though most Ontarians sail through these border towns and are pleased when they see them in their rear view mirrors, en route to friendlier, sunnier, and greener destinations, New York State and Michigan are the two states Ontarians drive through more often than any other.

When an Ontarian is injured in a car accident in the United States, navigating the auto insurance system and protecting the legal rights of accident victims can be a complicated proposition. Ontarians injured anywhere in North America have access to no fault Statutory Accident Benefits through their own auto insurance. This covers Ontarians for $1,000,000 of coverage in a catastrophic accident, even if the accident is your own fault. Ontarians also have no fault income replacement benefits of up to $400 per week.

Read full article in PDF format: Accident Benefit Reporter Updater, Issue 39

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