Controversy Over Mayor Tory’s Road Safety Plan

Posted July 5, 2016
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There are always many points of view in any situation. Recently, Mayor John Tory faced immediate backlash after announcing his plan to reduce traffic fatalities.

Cyclists seem to be at the front of the line in terms of being at risk of getting hurt. The article announcing the response to Tory’s plan raises some interesting points but here are a few more questions to consider, especially about cyclist safety.

Should cyclists be allowed to ride on overcrowded streets (like those that share the road with streetcars as well as motorists)?

Should the city be encouraging people to use rental bicycles when helmets are not being provided?

Should cyclists be required to have a licence to ride a bicycle?

While Tory’s intentions are in the right place, family members and victims of traffic-related accidents gathered in Nathan Phillips Square to voice their perspectives. Rather than simply reduce the number of fatalities, this group is calling for a “Vision Zero” policy, which would focus on safer roads and eliminating any and all threats that may result in tragedy.

Is John Tory’s plan alone enough to make a difference in reducing the number of traffic-related deaths (65 in 2015)? Let us know your thoughts.

To learn more, read original source article by Ben Starr of the Toronto Star: Mayor Tory’s road safety plan may change — but not the funding.