Motorcycling: Gearing up for Spring

Posted March 15, 2016
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motorcycle on the road image

Spring is here and many of us are eager to rev up those motorcycle engines and hit the road as soon as conditions permit. The balmy weather we’ve been experiencing this winter means bikes are able to be on the roads sooner. There is definitely something special about that first ride of the year but let’s all make sure that we stay safe.

Here are some helpful ways you can keep safe while motorcycling:

  • Give your bike some TLC. Clean and check that all parts are still in working condition.
  • Wear bright clothing. You’ll be sharing the road with other motorists and they may not be used to seeing you.
  • Take it easy. You may be a little rusty from not riding your bike for a few months, so take a few practice runs in an empty parking lot to get used to your bike again.
  • Watch the road surface. Sand, gravel and salt have accumulated from the winter creating slippery surfaces. Potholes and cracks are seen more frequently in the spring as they’re created over the winter.
  • Layer up. Temperatures can be cooler this time of year causing your response time to decrease.
  • Space it out. Ride with caution and leave some extra room behind other vehicles.
  • Slow down. Lowering your speed will ensure you have enough time to react to hazards and other riders on the road.