Paradigm Rehabilitation & Nursing: New Woodworking Facility

Posted December 9, 2016
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Established in 1994, Paradigm Rehabilitation and Nursing Services Inc. and Paradigm Residential Inc. provide support services for people living with acquired brain injuries.

One main way that paradigm helps with rehabilitation is through their woodworking shop. Woodworking provides a dynamic space where social skills and communication can naturally develop. This includes the development of descriptive language, respect for tools and materials, self-regulation, cooperation and social harmony.

Paradigm Rehabilitation & Nursing Services Inc. team  Paradigm Rehabilitation & Nursing wood shop Paradigm Rehabilitation & Nursing Services Inc. wood working facility

Paradigm has just opened a new woodworking facility in order to accommodate more of their clients. There’s more space, more tools and overall a better experience. This space is designed to help improve the physical and cognitive skills of their clients.

“Congratulations on the new place…. Looks great and thanks for the invite” – Joseph Pileggi

For more information about Paradigm and the new woodworking facility, visit