How to Select the Best Personal Injury Lawyer

When selecting the best personal injury lawyer for you or a family member, start by asking questions.

  • Ask if the personal injury lawyer you are meeting with, or members of the firm, have been recognized by other lawyers as leaders in personal injury and have been included in peer reviewed organizations such as Lexpert or Best Lawyers in Canada;
  • Ask if the lawyer or his firm are members of the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association or the American College of Trial Lawyers;
  • Ask if the lawyer lectures other lawyers on personal injury law, trial advocacy or insurance law;
  • Does the lawyer take cases to trial if a fair resolution cannot be negotiated;
  • Does the lawyer write articles and books;
  • Is the lawyer or others members of the firm a director or president of groups like the Advocates’ Society, the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association or other such groups;
  • Ask how long the firm has been carrying on this sort of work and what experience they have;
  • Ask about the lawyers and health care workers who will be assisting the injured person and their family; and,
  • Ask about fees and disbursements and whether the firm has the resources to see your case through to the end.





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At the age of 43, Danny McCoy was rendered a paraplegic after he was involved in an unfortunate car accident. Prior to the accident, he was an avid sailor. After the accident, Danny became one of the top ranked competitive sailors in the world.

- Craig Brown
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