Proposed Changes to Bill 59

Posted July 1, 2002

On June 27, 2002, the Ontario government announced proposed changes to the legislation governing automobile accident insurance (Bill 59).

Thomson Rogers along with many other stakeholders, has some significant concerns regarding the proposed changes. Particularly, with respect to the following:

  1. Policy holders will be invited to pay reduced premiums for motor vehicle insurance in exchange for agreeing to accept treatment from a list of providers filed by the insurer with the Superintendent of Insurance;
  2. Regulations may be prepared to place limits upon the nature, extent and payment amounts that may be claimed for medical, rehabilitation and attendant care benefits;
  3. Regulations may be prepared which exclude from payment goods or services provided by identified individuals or organizations; and
  4. Regulations may be prepared excluding from payment of goods or services provided by individuals or organizations who have provided goods or services which have been found not to be reasonable or necessary.
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