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Presented at the Back to School Conference | September 30, 2010

Posted September 30, 2010
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As lawyers and health-care practitioners are aware, dealing with seriously injured persons is not easy. Often, we are dealing with a complicated and an intertwining constellation of injuries that can be physical, mental or psychological. With respect to those survivors with serious physical injuries, it is not uncommon for them to experience psychological aftermath in the nature of an adjustment
disorder or sometimes more serious depressive symptoms. Moreover, it is common for those survivors with head injuries to suffer from psychological sequelae which may or may not be organic. In any event, assisting seriously injured survivors reach their potential is a journey which may take the rehabilitation team through several twists and turns which needs to be navigated which a view in mind to the final destination.

In this paper, we will discuss four difficult issues facing a rehabilitation team during which may complicate the team’s ability to provide the services an accident survivor may require. We will also present some tips (both legal and practical) to assist the rehabilitation team deal with accident benefit adjusters and the survivor him or herself through the journey to recovery.

These four areas are as follows:

  1. Re-integration into the educational setting;
  2. Alcohol/substance abuse;
  3. Suicide/depression; and,
  4. Leisure activities.

View PDF of the presentation.

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