Class Action Against Belleville Orthodontist, Dr. Garry Solomon

Thomson Rogers has been retained by Sarah Davidson (“Sarah”) to investigate civil claims against former Belleville Orthodontist, Dr. Garry Solomon, relating to his alleged secret video recording of hundreds of his female patients. According to the news report from the Kingston Whig Standard dated July 19, 2017, the former orthodontist has been charged with, “voyeurism – surreptitiously recording images of a person over the age of 18 years, voyeurism – surreptitiously recording images of a person under the age of 18 years, possession of child pornography and making child pornography.”

Class Action Claim against Ottawa based Chiropodist, Dr. Pierre Dupont

Thomson Rogers has now issued a class action lawsuit against Dr. Dupont, his clinic the Ottawa Foot Practice Inc. and the College of Chiropodists.

The claim seeks compensation on behalf of all patients of Dr. Dupont that allegedly received an unapproved stent inserted by Dr. Dupont.

Recently, the CBC reported on Dr. Dupont and these allegations: Banned Quebec Dentist Pierre Dupont working as Chiropodist in Ottawa

If you believe you are a claimant please register for the class action by filling in the information requested in the consultation form.

$50M Class Action Lawsuit issued against Niagara College

Thomson Rogers has issued a class action lawsuit against Niagara College of Applied Arts and Technology on behalf of recent graduates of the General Arts and Science Diploma Transfer Program (“GAS” Program). The claim specifically alleges that Niagara College of Applied Arts and Technology improperly marketed and promoted its two year “GAS” Program to international … Continued

Class Actions

Class Actions can avoid the necessity for hundreds or thousands of people filing similar individual lawsuits to claim relief. This often means that a single person can commence a class action on behalf of hundreds or even thousands of people. Class actions promote access to justice and ensure that people with similar claims are treated similarly. For more information on class actions, visit our class action FAQs page.

Potential Class Action lawsuit against striking teachers in Durham

The Durham district high school teachers’ strike has frustrated many students and parents, prompting some to consider a class-action lawsuit against the teachers. Alan Farrer, managing partner at Thomson Rogers, comments on the legality of the strike and the chances of parents and students securing a successful outcome. See the full story here.